How To Get More Clients With Video Marketing

As a small business owner, competing in your local market is probably becoming more and more strenuous by the day.

But the GOOD news is…There are some creative ways to convert more leads into sales and boost your company’s bottom line…

without the added stress of:

  • wiping out your marketing budget… or
  • taking up a bunch of time you just don’t have to spare

I know what you’re thinking…“Easier said, than done.”

But have you thought about adding online videos into your marketing mix?

Many business owners think that Video Marketing is too expensive, too difficult, and just doesn’t work.

This is a MAJOR misconception.

As a matter of fact, videos are responsible for converting millions of online prospects into brand new customers.

Let me ask you a question…Did you know that a whopping 100 million people watch at least one online video EVERY single day?

On top of that, 75% of viewers visit a marketer’s website after watching one of their videos

So if you have been avoiding online videos, it is time to rethink your marketing strategy…

… and take immediate steps to effortlessly grow your business by leveraging the power of video.
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Benefits of Short Videos for landing clients

30 second to 2 minute videos can deliver powerful messages to connect with the heart of your ideal client

Many marketing videos are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long, but what about making videos that are even shorter than that?

Is there a benefit to using ultra-short videos like the ones users create on Vine for your business?

If you’re thinking that 6 seconds isn’t long
enough for you to get anything important
across to your viewers, think again.

It takes the human brain only 13
milliseconds to process an image.

So a well-edited short video can convey an enormous amount of information very quickly.

Vine and Instagram are relatively new social media sites, and using them can let consumers know that your company is hip and innovative

Short videos are some of the most shared content on some major hitters in the social media arena. Vine is owned by Twitter, so you can embed videos in your feed and Instagram is owned by Facebook.
There are plenty of ways you can use ultra-short videos to increase brand awareness, generate fresh leads, and convert viewers into customers.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…
Make a customer testimonial compilation video.

Ask customers to record themselves saying the one word they would use to describe your company.

Take the best ones and edit them
together into a rapid-fire video.
Go behind the scenes at your company.

You can shoot footage of employees doing their jobs, and edit them together to give customers a feeling for how you do things.
Unveil a new product on video.

Edit together quick images of different components of the product, or various ways to use it. Create a video series on a hot topic related to your industry. G21 Partners is here to help you gain maximum results for your video marketing investments. We are based out of Sugar Land Houston suburbs in Texas!

Vine allows you to link multiple videos together to create a longer narrative. If your business lends itself to storytelling, you might do a few short videos illustrating different elements of a story and then string them together.

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