Type your company name into your web browser to find out what your customers see right now. Example:

www.G21Partners.com shows the following:

This mistake could cost your company millions of dollars

When customers are looking for us, they might also type just our name such as G21Partners.com without typing ‘www’ . In that case, they’ll get the exact same page. However, many small companies make the mistake of not resolving their company name to their website. In their case, they might get a screen such as the following:


A Prospect would assume you don’t have a website and look for your competitors. A client might wonder if you are in business any longer.

Action Item: Type your company name into your browser right now by including “www” and NOT including “www”. If you don’t like what you see, contact your online marketing partner and have them resolve this for you right away. It’s worth it! If you land just one more customer per month from this, how much revenue would that bring to your company?

Make sure your online marketing is avoiding mistakes that are possibly costing you thousands or even millions of dollars every year!